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Blocked-Up Sewers and Drainage Systems? Count on J.C. Dillon

Your piping and drainage are all part of the same circular system. As water is carried through your lines and pushed through your fixtures, drains carry waste water away to your sewage or septic system, which cycles through the city’s water cleaning and up your pipes once more. However, if any part of this circular system becomes broken or impeded, the entirety of your plumbing cannot function. And one of the most crucial components of that system is your sewers. If your sewers and drains are backed-up, contact J.C. Dillon ASAP.

How to Tell if Your Sewers are Damaged or Broken

In truth, you might not know your sewage system needs repair until it’s too late! However, if you’re aware of the signs of sewers in disarray, you can catch problems before they worsen. Here are some of the common signs of a malfunctioning sewer and drainage system:

  • Backups and Slow Draining – One of the obvious signs of a damaged sewer line is whether or not your drains are correctly functioning. If water is slow to drain or won’t drain for your sinks, showers, toilets or any plumbing fixture, your sewer line is likely clogged or severely deteriorating. In either scenario, J.C. Dillon can clean or replace problematic sewer lines.
  • Foul Odors – Wastewater does not have a pleasant smell. Suffice it to say, if you begin noticing foul odors around your drains or throughout your home or business, it means wastewater is backing up or not going through your system. If left unchecked, wastewater can make its way up through your drains and cause health issues for your property’s inhabitants.
  • Yard Problems – A damaged sewage line can do more than affect the plumbing in your home. Sometimes, broken lines or leaks can lead to overgrown lawn patches, yard indentations, or pooling water on your property. These problems show that waste water is escaping your pipes and settling under your property’s surface.
  • Mold Growth – As moisture from a broken sewer line escapes into your home, it can settle in your walls and ceiling. The unfortunate result is potential mold growth, which has numerous negative health implications.
  • Sinkholes and Shifting Foundation – If a sewer breakage is severe enough, it can affect your property’s foundation. Sewer line leaks near the slab your property rests on can saturate the soil, causing the ground and foundation to shift. Ultimately, this leads to cracks, settlement and eventual sinkholes in the worst-case scenario.

What Can Be Done?

The good news is if you catch some of the warning signs of damaged sewer systems soon enough, you can avoid the most expensive repairs or complete replacement. However, if your sewer lines are past saving, J.C. Dillion can replace or restore your sewage and drainage system post-haste. For sewers, we provide the following plumbing services:

  • Inspection/Cleaning – If you suspect your sewers need some attention, you’re likely right! Consistent maintenance and cleaning of your pipes and drainage can prevent breaks from occurring. As such, J.C. Dillon can inspect your sewage for potential issues and help clean or clear out potential clogs.
  • Repair – Our plumbing experts can provide support before sewage back-ups and slow draining gets worse. We can repair parts of broken lines or replace piping if necessary. Every repair we offer is done considering the time it takes to complete and how fast we can get your system functioning like normal.
  • Replacement/Installation – Whether you require a complete sewer system overhaul or are looking to install sewage lines for new construction, J.C. Dillon is happy to assist. We have the experience and equipment to dig up old lines and outright replace systems with trenchless installation and hydro-excavation.
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