Safety Overview

J.C. Dillon, Inc. Emphasizes Safety First. Both Management As Well As Employees In Business Today Realize The Importance Of Safety And Understand That Accidents Happen. The Question Is, “How Do Businesses Prevent These Accidents.” J.C. Dillon, Inc. Believes That With A Combination Of Daily Enforcement And Employee Cooperation Most Of These Accidents Can Be Minimized Or Eliminated Altogether. J.C.Dillon, Inc. Safety Program Focuses On The Following Items, Which Are Discussed Through Tool Box Talks Or Weekly Safety Meetings.

  • Importance Of Hard Hats.
  • Keep A Clean Working Enviroment On Jobsite.
  • Importance Of Safety Glasses.
  • Practice Proper Maintenance On Vehicles/Trucks/Machines.
  • Alcohol And Drug Free Working Enviroment.
  • Use Proper Shoring During Excavation.
  • Use Proper Tie Off Devices.
  • Use Proper Extension Cord Protection And Tape.
  • Wear Proper Work Clothing/Boots.
  • Use Ear Protection As Prohibited.
  • Practice Traffic Control Protection.
  • Importance Of Backup Warning Devices.
  • Be A Defensive Driver.
  • Importance Of Communication On Job Site.
  • Wear Your Seat Belt.

Unwritten Expectations Are An Implicit Part Of The Way We Work Together At J.C. Dillon, Inc. They Are Necessary For The Overall Safety, Welfare, And Happiness Of Everyone And Are An Essential Part Of Being An Efficient And Effective Business.