Sewer Cleaning & Televising
Sewer Cleaning & Televising

Sewer Cleaning & Televising | Peoria

Our sewer cleaning & televising service uses high pressure water jets and vacuum to make the right combination that will quickly and thoroughly clean sewers and pipelines varying in sizes from 2″ – 96″ and larger. Coupled with our state of the art video inspection units, we are prepared to inspect lines for integrity, leaks and infiltration.

Find a problem? We can remotely test and repair lines and joints with chemical grouting equipment, slip liners and other sewer cleaning & televising repair methods.

Our excavation and pipe crews can also repair and replace broken or collapsed lines in the event conventional digging methods are not applicable.

24 Hours a day, whether your needs are municipal, industrial, commercial or residential, we have the equipment and manpower to solve your sewer and drain problems.

Sewer cleaning & televising equipment also work great for Hydro-excavation when soil removal is required in utility sensitive areas, when backhoes and shovels may cause damage to electric, phone or gas lines.

We Also Clean:

  • Catch Basins
  • Grease Traps
  • Manholes
  • Car Wash Pits
  • Holding Tanks

State of the Art Equipment:

  • DVD Formatting
  • Still Photos
  • Color Cameras
  • Detailed Reports
  • Pan and Tilt Cameras
  • Line Locating

Our Additional Services: