Hydro Excavation
A truck from J.C. Dillon performing hydro excavation in Peoria IL

J.C. Dillon’s Excavation is Anything but Standard

Whether prepping a property for land development, repairing a sewer line, or getting ready to install new utilities, excavation is an important part of the process. Unfortunately, standard excavation procedures are time-consuming, take considerable effort, and can make land and roadways unusable for a time. J.C. Dillon, thankfully, has the solution: hydro excavation. Talk with our team today to discover why hydro excavation is the best choice for your construction or excavation project.

What’s Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process used to clear underground space for construction or utility purposes. Using pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum, hydro excavation simultaneously excavates and evacuates soil. While pressurized water softens and breaks up soil, the resulting water slurry is quickly sucked into a debris tank. This process is an alternative to the standard manual and mechanical digging that typically accompanies commercial and residential excavation.

Hydro Excavation’s Benefits

Hydro excavation is changing the construction game when it comes to excavation services. J.C. Dillon is happy to serve clients with expert hydro excavation, helping clients throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri implement safe, accurate, eco-friendly and cost-effective excavation.

  • Safe – Although managed by expert operators, large machinery can still be dangerous for those around or using the equipment. Not to mention, manual digging can significantly impact the stamina and well-being of those participating. Conversely, hydro excavation requires less equipment and labor, meaning fewer chances of injury.
  • AccurateDigging trenches and large holes can prove messy and “haphazard” at best. Thankfully, hydro excavation takes the guesswork out of excavation. Hydro excavation equipment is accurate and easy to use, allowing for precise removal of dirt and debris for any size project.
  • Eco-Friendly – Unlike traditional excavation, hydro excavation requires less upheaval of dirt and land disturbance. Due to the non-invasive nature of hydro excavation, this process is considered significantly more eco-friendly. Our equipment only moves and removes what’s necessary, leaving any surrounding environments intact.
  • Cost-Effective – As already mentioned, hydro excavation requires less labor and equipment to implement successfully. Additionally, the time required for hydro excavation is much less than traditional excavation. Between less labor, time and equipment use, hydro excavation is a more affordable procedure for contractors and consumers.

How We Utilize Hydro Excavation

J.C. Dillon strives to meet the needs of our clients with local excavation services that are fast, effective, and without error. Thus, through hydro excavation, we can offer commercial and residential clients various excavation services, such as:


Excavating or exposing underground utilities using hydro excavation is called potholing or daylighting. Since hydro excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive process, allowing underground utilities to be exposed without the risks inherent in traditional excavation. Potholing is also a time and cost-saving digging method for installing signs, telephone poles, fences, etc.

Slot Trenching

Digging narrow trenches for installing pipes, cables or other in-ground utilities is called slot trenching. Unlike traditional slot trenches, which can cause severe damage to land, hydro excavation provides a non-destructive and efficient slot trenching method, even for frozen surfaces. Hydro excavation makes it easy and safe to install sprinkler systems, locate underground utilities and perform similar installations.

Debris Removal

Hydro excavation’s precise characteristics can be used to remove debris and clean out a variety of structures without damaging the surrounding area. Hydro excavation is also ideal for cleaning catch basins, sludge removal, and spills.

Exposing Utilities

Since hydro excavation uses water to break up the ground and vacuum up debris, it’s the safest, most efficient method for exposing underground utilities. It eliminates the risk of damaging buried pipes/lines. Using hydro excavation to expose utilities ensures that the surrounding material is undisturbed.

Piling Hole Excavation

Hydro excavation’s precision is ideal for piling hole evacuation. Underground utilities that may be uncovered during excavation are not harmed, in contrast to the high risk of damage that exists with manual digging methods.

Cold Weather Digging

Our hydro excavation trucks are equipped with truck-mounted heaters, so cold weather doesn’t deter them from working. Unlike traditional ground thawing methods that use wood and coal, hydro excavation is environmentally friendly and safe.

Remote Digging

When fiber optic cables, telephone lines, water mains or other utility lines need to be repaired or excavation needs to be done in tight spaces, hydro excavation equipment can be located away from the actual excavation site. This minimizes the impact and restoration requirements to the actual site and eliminates traffic congestion and inconvenience.

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