Trenchless Construction
A machine performing trenchless construction in Peoria IL

Lay Pipes with Ease Through Trenchless Construction from J.C. Dillon

Whether installing a new sewer line on a residential property or replacing sections of a water main along a busy city street, you require the right team to handle the job. Thankfully, you’ve got J.C. Dillon Inc.! At J.C. Dillion, we meet our clients’ needs by implementing quick, safe and simple pipe/utility installations for residential and commercial properties using trenchless construction. This unique construction method is perfect for updating or restoring underground infostructure while causing minimal interruptions.

What is Trenchless Construction?

As the name implies, trenchless construction is a construction method that avoids the use of trenches. While standard underground construction requires significant excavation of portions of land, trenchless construction does not. Primarily, J.C. Dillion utilizes horizontal directional drilling as our primary trenchless construction method. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a drilling method that consists of three phases:

  1. A small pilot hole is drilled where the pipe or utility line is expected to start. Drilling fluid is pumped through a pipe, and high-pressured jets and a drill bit work their way through the ground.
  2. Next, a reamer is attached to the head of the drill, and it goes through the hole again to widen it.
  3. Finally, the pipe or utility line is pulled through the hole to the other side, where connections can be completed.

What Are Trenchless Construction’s Benefits?

Contractors throughout the Midwest have begun to rely on trenchless construction for all underground infostructure projects. Due to the safe, simple, and environmentally-friendly nature of horizontal directional drilling, it has become standard for most pipe laying and utility work. Examples of trenchless construction’s benefits include:

  • Time-Saving – Before trenchless construction, it took considerable time to do underground construction work. Not only did trenches have to be dug to make room for pipe/utility installation, but doing so took great care and planning to avoid existing lines and pipes. Conversely, horizontal directional drilling doesn’t require as much time and labor as one machine can handle most of the work.
  • Low Cost – The cost-saving benefits of trenchless construction are nothing to scoff at. Due to the minimal labor and machinery needed for horizontal directional drilling, contractors can save significantly when using this method. Then those savings are passed on to our clients!
  • Minimal Intrusions – The most significant drawback to standard underground construction is the intrusions it can cause to local traffic and businesses. For large enough jobs, entire stretches or roads would have to be shut down, and the process could take multiple days. However, this is not the case with trenchless construction. Holes can be drilled under properties and roadways, avoiding potential shutdowns.
  • Environmentally Friendly – In modern times, concerns over environmental conservation are important to all contractors. Thankfully, trenchless construction is an environmentally friendly method for underground construction. Our specialized equipment allows us to place utility lines and pipes without impacting the surrounding environment. With minimal digging necessary, horizontal direction drilling doesn’t require the upheaval of land that traditional excavation does.
Plumbing contractors installing new pipes using Trenchless Construction in Peoria IL

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