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Where to Seek Reliable Plumbing Service in Peoria IL

When it comes to property maintenance and upkeep, you look for consistency and quality with every technician. You want a contractor you can rely on to resolve your home or business’s systems quickly and efficiently, especially plumbing. Thankfully, you can easily secure reliable and high-quality plumbing service in Peoria IL. Get in touch with the team at J.C. Dillon Inc. We are the Greater Peoria area’s most trusted and most experienced plumbing contractors.

How Can We Help?

No matter your plumbing problems, J.C. Dillon has the solution. Since 1921, we’ve served Central Illinois residents with expert residential and commercial plumbing services. As such, we manage a range of plumbing, pipe and sewer concerns, such as:

  • Leaky Pipes/Fixtures – Not only can a leaky pipe or fixture place a strain on your water bill, but undiscovered leaks can cause water damage and potential mold growth. To counteract such problems, J.C. Dillon is quick to check your pipes and fixtures for any potential leaks.
  • Bathroom Plumbing – Maintaining the plumbing and fixtures for your bathrooms is an absolute must for any home or business. To ensure everything is working and set up correctly, allow J.C. Dillon to manage your bathroom plumbing’s repair, installation and maintenance.
  • Water Heaters – Keeping your property comfortable, safe and healthy without heated water can be a near impossible task. Thus, it’s essential to keep your water heater up and running. J.C. Dillon can provide water heater inspections, perform preventative maintenance, and help you install a new heater when necessary.
  • Sewer Repair/Maintenance – If you cannot quickly and efficiently remove wastewater from your property, you risk the health and safety of you and a building’s inhabitants. J.C. Dillon is quick to respond when problems with your home or business drains/sewer system arise.
  • Utility Contracting & Excavation – While utility contracting and excavation are necessary for installing new water lines, underground pipes and sewer systems, plumbing isn’t the only utility we cover. With our trenchless utility installation and hydro excavation, we assist businesses, residents and municipalities who require access to underground utility systems.
Plumber helping repair a sink's drainage, part of Plumbing Service in Peoria IL

Why Choose J.C. Dillon?

J.C. Dillon Inc. is a family-owned and operated business. Our origins stretch back to James Carney Dillon, who first established J.C. Dillon Inc. in 1921. For nearly a century, J.C. Dillon has continued to provide plumbing for the communities throughout Central Illinois. Also, J.C. Dillon has expanded into Iowa and Missouri to provide the same excellent plumbing service Peoria IL has come to rely on. Now operated by Chris and Tim Dillon, J.C. Dillon continues to help clients find the best and most economical solutions for their plumbing needs.

Call Today

Don’t settle for less than the best plumbing service for Peoria IL! Reach out to the expert plumbing contractors at J.C. Dillon Inc. today. You can contact us at 309-689-1596. Our main office is located at 1515 W Luthy Dr, Peoria, IL 61615, with locations serving Romeoville IL, St. Louis MO, and Davenport IA.