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The same as many individuals have a “go-to” mechanic or food establishment, so too do people search for their “go-to” plumber. And for nearly a century, J.C. Dillon Inc. has become the go-to Peoria plumber for residents and business owners throughout Central Illinois. Operating out of Peoria IL, J.C. Dillon strives to provide the best plumbing and commercial services wherever needed. Our team has the skill and experience necessary to be your plumber of choice.

What We Do

J.C. Dillon offers a range of commercial and residential plumbing services. We understand both the urgency of a non-functioning plumbing system and the complexity of commercial plumbing. Our team strives to provide the plumbing relief you need, no matter the project size. Our services include:


In terms of residential plumbing, there’s no limit to what J.C. Dillon can do. Whether service is required to unclog a toilet, locate a leak, or clean a sewer system, our plumbing contractors are quick to respond.

  • Plumbing Repair/Maintenance – Staying on top of your plumbing’s condition can help you avoid mold and water damage caused by leaky pipes and fixtures. We perform preventative maintenance for home plumbing and help detect leaks in your system.
  • Water Heater Service – Your water heater is essential to your household’s plumbing. Without hot water, your family’s health, comfort and safety can be challenged. Thus, our plumbers help maintain your water heater with repair or replacement if necessary.
  • Bathroom Plumbing – Without a functioning bathroom, your house is near inhospitable! J.C. Dillon can lend a hand if you require assistance installing new bathroom fixtures or wish to repair the ones you have in place.
  • Sewer Cleaning/Repair – If your sewer pipes are clogged up, you might experience wastewater backup in the drains around your home. Needless to say, wastewater can be incredibly harmful to you and your family’s health. J.C. Dillon can keep your sewers clear of debris and fully updated/repaired.


Compared to residential plumbing, commercial plumbing is significantly more involved. However, commercial plumbing isn’t the only commercial service J.C. Dillon can offer.

  • Commercial Plumbing Repair, Maintenance & Installation – We apply the same services we offer our residential clients to local businesses. However, commercial plumbing requires higher quality materials, additional equipment, and extensive knowledge of state and federal plumbing regulations.
  • Utility Contracting – Who can manage underground pipes, sewers and utility lines? If you guessed J.C. Dillon, you’d be right! For all utility services, we provide expert contracting to install, repair, or replace in-ground utility connections for municipalities and businesses.
  • Excavation – With trenchless construction and hydro-excavation, J.C. Dillon provides some of the safest, cleanest, most cost-effective excavation services.
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Find your go-to Peoria plumber when you choose J.C. Dillon Inc. for all your residential and commercial plumbing services. To learn more about our company or request service, contact us today at 309-689-1596. Our main office is located at 1515 W Luthy Dr, Peoria, IL 61615, with locations serving Romeoville IL, St. Louis MO, and Davenport IA.