Pipe Bursting Services Peoria IL
Pipe Bursting Services Peoria IL

Pipe Bursting With J.C. Dillon, Inc.

Pipe bursting systems are classified in two main classes, both classes offered by J.C. Dillon, Inc. The two classes, pneumatic pipe bursting and static pipe bursting, differ in their methods for breaking up pipe and their sources of energy. The pneumatic method uses a soil displacement hammer, while no hammering action is used with the static method. Whether considering static or pneumatic, trust J.C. Dillon to replace your pipe effectively and efficiently.

Comparison With Traditional Open Cut Replacement

Pipe bursting is a reputable technique for trenchless replacement of pipe, first developed in the UK in the late 1970s. As a mature market internationally, this technique has potential for continual growth in the North American water, sewer, and gas markets, but what makes trenchless replacement of pipe different from traditional open cut replacement?

Many experts recognize open cut replacement as the preferred technique when the pipeline in question is shallow. In this case, trenching does not cause disruptions, so trenchless technology is not necessary. On the other hand, with deeper lines, the advantages of pipe bursting are obvious. In these cases, the cost of open cut replacement increases due to:

  • Extra excavation
  • Shoring
  • Dewatering
  • And more.

These all have minimal effects on pipe bursting costs. There are other indirect savings involved with pipe bursting due to less traffic disturbance, business interruption, environmental disturbance, paving expenses and also less time.

When choosing between the two, social costs and monetary costs must be considered. Even when the monetary costs are equal, or the monetary costs of open cut replacement is less, the social costs of business and community disturbance are less with pipe bursting. This is why J.C. Dillon, Inc. offers the Peoria area quicker, safer pipe replacement with pipe bursting, and why they think you should choose pipe bursting too.

If you are in need of pipe replacement and you want to go the trenchless route, call the experts at J.C. Dillon, Inc. Call (309)-322-7566 to schedule your appointment today.