Storm Sewer Service Peoria, IL

Storm Sewer Service Peoria, IL

Storm Sewer

When you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, you are probably well-acquainted with what a storm sewer is. Storm sewers are designed to direct rainfall away from roads and areas where water can pool and flood. The rainwater and runoff is then shuttled through piping, which release it into streams, rivers, or other bodies of water. When there is an issue with a storm sewer, regular rainfall can turn into a large problem. If you notice a problem with a storm sewer near you, call J.C. Dillon, Inc. today. We are happy to assist in preventing potential flooding hazards and keeping property dry.

The Importance of Keeping Storm Sewers Clean

Unlike a sanitary sewer, water that goes down a storm sewer does not go through a treatment facility. This means any chemicals or toxins that get washed down the storm drain during a rain end up in local bodies of water. Here are a few things you can do to keep storm drains free and clear of hazardous materials:

  • Don’t pour toxic material down drains and follow disposal instructions on the bottle instead.
  • Keep areas around storm drains clear of debris.
  • Clean up any oil spills fully and dispose of them properly instead of washing it down a nearby storm drain.
  • If you notice a clog or issue with a storm drain, contact a professional.

Keeping storm drains clean and flowing not only helps the community keep rainfall away from properties, but it can also help the environment.

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