Commercial Plumbing Peoria IL
A man tightening pipes for a boiler system, part of commercial plumbing in Peoria IL

Count on Expert Contractors for Commercial Plumbing in Peoria IL

A business or commercial property’s plumbing systems are more complicated than you might think. Commercial buildings’ internal plumbing must support numerous individuals’ needs at once and reach beyond what’s necessary for standard residential plumbing. Thus, commercial plumbing in Peoria IL requires handling from experienced plumbing contractors. Thankfully, J.C. Dillon has managed the plumbing needs of countless businesses throughout Central Illinois and can also lend a hand for your property!

Our Commercial Plumbing Services

In addition to the standard plumbing required for any facility, J.C. Dillon offers various excavation and utility services that business owners and city municipalities find helpful. Here are some of the services you can expect from J.C. Dillon:

  • Plumbing Installation, Repair & Maintenance
    • Our residential clients’ plumbing services are much the same as we offer to commercial clients. However, commercial plumbing is completed on a larger scale. For example, a household requires a sewage system that can handle the water waste of a family. Conversely, an apartment complex or office building must be able to manage wastewater for several dozen individuals. Commercial plumbing requires precise work and heavy-duty parts and materials to complete successfully.
  • Utility Contracting
    • Perhaps more important than a commercial facility’s plumbing system is its utility connections. Properly functioning utilities are crucial to commercial and residential properties’ operation. When a water main breaks or a gas line leaks, it requires immediate service from professionals who can easily access underground utilities. Thankfully, J.C. Dillon fits the bill! We are the utility contractors of choice for the Greater Peoria area.
  • Excavation
    • In relation to our commercial plumbing and utility services, J.C. Dillon offers convenient excavation services for residential and commercial clients alike. While standard excavation can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming, J.C. Dillon’s excavation methods are the opposite. We utilize hydro excavation and trenchless construction to minimize disruption caused by excavation and provide quick and accurate digging for any project.
A plumber installing new plumbing for a facility during Commercial Plumbing in Peoria IL

Continued Plumbing Support

While commercial plumbing in Peoria IL is crucial to the success of any business, J.C. Dillon strives to do more for our clients. Our expert plumbers offer residents additional plumbing services for various plumbing systems. From managing leaks to cleaning out sewage systems, our team covers:

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When you require quick and reliable commercial plumbing in Peoria IL, from trained plumbing professionals, look no further than J.C. Dillon Inc. To learn more about our commercial and residential plumbing services, contact us today at 309-689-1596. We are located at 1515 W Luthy Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.